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Asbestos-related deaths growing still

Chief executive of the British Lung Foundation [BLF], Dame Helena Shovelton, warns that asbestos-related deaths could continue to rise unless people become aware there may still be a risk in their home.

Asbestos-related diseases kill more people than road accidents in the UK each year, and the number is still growing – deaths are set to peak around 2016.

One of the main concerns is the lack of awareness and understanding there is about the potential health hazard asbestos poses among those doing DIY.

A recent BLF survey of 2,000 adults showed that only 22% knew that all forms of asbestos were finally banned in the 1990s, while 67% said they could not confidently identify asbestos around the house.

These figures suggest that people’s awareness of the danger is fading – a worrying sign.

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Original Harry Ramsden’s demolished due to asbestos find

The original shed in which Harry Ramsden’s was formed in Guiseley, near Leeds, in the 1920s has been demolished after asbestos was found in the building.

The decrepit, wooden building was used by Harry Ramsden to serve the first portion of fish and chips in December 1928.

The intention of the new owners was to protect it as part of the restaurant’s rich history, however they were unable to save it.

A spokeswoman for the company said: “It was in a very poor state of repair but once asbestos was found it had to be disposed of and demolished professionally.

“We were surprised to find asbestos and everyone involved was sad to see it go.”

The branch of Harry Ramsden’s was originally run from the shed – complete with a tree growing through it.

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Glasgow school fire causes asbestos debris

Residents near a derelict school in Glasgow which was set on fire have been told to limit use of their gardens because the debris may contain white asbestos.

A clean-up is under way following the blaze at the former StMark’s primary in the Tollcross area of Glasgow.

Asbestos specialists are clearing the debris and residents are urged not to try to do the work themselves. People have been asked to keep out of their gardens as much as possible until the clear-up has finished.

Glasgow City Council said there is no immediate risk to public health and that air quality is well within acceptable limits.

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Asbestos dumped in Gillingham alley

Asbestos has been found in a Kent alley that has, reportedly, been there for three months.

Children have also been playing in the alley where the dangerous asbestos has been dumped.

Parents living in the area have pleaded with Medway Council on numerous occasions in a bid to get the hazardous material removed.

However, reseidents have claimed that nobody has come to inspect the corrugated roofing asbestos containing asbestos dust, which has been flying around in the recent high winds.

A council spokesman said: “The householder made a complaint about this waste at the end of March and details were passed to a contractor for removal.

“Unfortunately this did not happen and we would like to apologise for the fact that our contractor did not pick up the waste.”

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Glasgow asbestos removal needed after school fire

Residents who live in the streets surrounding a Glasgow primary school which set on fire in May are to have their gutters cleaned following an asbestos scare.

Glasgow City Council undertook the asbestos removal work to clean gutters around St Mark’s Primary School after fibres were found in several roofs in the area during checks.

Residents were warned not to use their gardens until the land had been uncontaminated.

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Essex asbestos removal needed in family home

Concerns have been raised regarding the health of a family after asbestos was discovered in their home in Maldon, Essex.

Donna Guess, who lives in the home with her partner and two young children, claims Moat housing association did not warn her that her house contained asbestos when she moved in back in August 2010.

A Moat spokesman said a fire affecting the garage of Mrs Guess’ home in October 2011, highlighted the need for asbestos removal Essex.

The spokesman said: “We worked with Mrs Guess to decide on the most convenient plan of action for her and her family in order to complete these works.”

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Urgent asbestos removal in Chichester following fly tipping complaints

Residents across the Chichester area are being asked to report fly-tipping after asbestos was dumped at three different locations.

Following alledged reports by passers-by and residents of the area, officers from Arun District Council moved quickly to clear the rubbish from Church Lane in Pagham, Lake Lane in Barnham and Shripney Lane in Shripney. All three locations were alledged to have asbestos dumped on them by unlicensed asbestos removal traders.

The harmful substances that are said to have been dumped in the aforementioned areas all contained household rubbish i.e. old building units, sections of walls and other debris from a large kitchen demolition.

For more details on asbestos removal simply click here.

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Pay out after asbestos related death

A Somerset woman is to recieve £290,000 in compensation from Bristol Water following her husband’s death from cancer, which alledgedly has been proven to be linked with asbestos exposure. David Bean, from Shepton Mallet, had worked for the company as an engineer.

It was revealed that he had no protection when visiting pumping stations which had been housing boilers that were covered with asbestos cement lagging.

Bristol Water said “stringent safety measures” had now been introduced for staff working with asbestos.

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Dublin’s Abbey Theatre closing for asbestos removal

Dublin’s Abbey Theatre is set to close for nine weeks during the summer after asbestos was discovered in the main auditorium.

The theatre said the potentially dangerous material was found during a routine inspection in January, though it posed no health risks to staff or members of the public.

The theatre has chosen to close from July 17 to September 15 whilst removal takes place.

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Chrysotile Asbestos Removal

As specialists in the field of all types of asbestos removal and disposal including chrysotile asbestos we are on-hand to help with any of your asbestos requirements whether you are a domestic or trade customer and regardless of where you are based in the UK.

Our resident expert is Dan Daintry and in this video he talks about chrysotile asbestos removal in the UK.

For all asbestos related services including chrysotile asbestos removal give Dan a call today: 0844 288 7264.

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