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Asbestos is natural mineral containing microscopic fibres, these fibres are hazardous to your health when inhaled and can lead to the development asbestos lung cancer. The most effective way to ensure you’re not at risk of contracting asbestos lung cancer is to have your asbestos containing materials completely removed.

You should be aware of any asbestos containing materials in your building and avoid disturbing them in any way as this can result in the release of lethal asbestos fibres. When inhaled these fibres will remain in the lungs indefinitely and if exposure is frequent and prolonged, will eventually lead to asbestos lung cancer.

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Those people who have the greatest possibility of developing asbestos lung cancer are those who are exposed to asbestos fibres through their occupation. This involves people who worked in construction, asbestos mining, ship building, and textiles before the year 2000.

You can take responsibility for reducing the threat of asbestos lung cancer to your health. You can discuss the presence of asbestos in your building with your fellow building users or take a look around for more asbestos information.

Mesothelioma is an asbestos lung cancer which is caused due to frequent asbestos exposure. Generally, individuals who have mesothelioma or any other asbestos related diseases acquired them due to exposure in the workplace. Researchers believe that the longer a person is exposed to the material the higher the risk they face of developing asbestos lung cancer.

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