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Asbestos poisoning is alarmingly common – throughout the 20th century, asbestos was used in the construction industry within numerous building materials. This was because of its durability and heat resistant properties and asbestos can be typically found in vinyl flooring, ceiling tiles, pipes and insulation materials.

Asbestos is made of microscopic fibres that are released into the air when asbestos containing materials are damaged. These airborne particles can be inhaled causing asbestos poisoning and long term health problems.

When asbestos is undamaged or undisturbed; there is a reduced risk of asbestos poisoning, however it is often difficult to know what condition asbestos is in. If an asbestos containing material is damaged, the risk of asbestos poisoning is greatly increased. To ensure you’re not at risk of getting asbestos poisoning call now on 0844 288 7264 and speak to an asbestos expert about your requirements.

Even once exposure to asbestos has stopped, the effects of prolonged exposure will still be developing. If you’re a smoker who has been exposed to asbestos then there is a great possibility of a medic detecting asbestos disease when you’re examined. To make sure you’re not at risk, call now on 0844 288 7264 and speak to an expert about removing your asbestos.

People who have the greatest possibility of developing asbestos poisoning are those individuals who were exposed to asbestos through their occupation. These people may have worked in industries such as construction, asbestos mining, manufacturing or textiles and stand an increased chance of suffering from asbestos poisoning.

Asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma are among the main diseases that will develop through asbestos poisoning.

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