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Asbestos history goes back a long time. The first record of an asbestos-related illness was recorded back in 1906. This means that the government have known about asbestos for just under a century before the final type of asbestos was finally banned. So, what made them take so long? It boils down to – like most things – money, because asbestos was cheap to manufacture. It was hard wearing, fire resistant and lent itself to a lot of products. It played a major role in the Great Britain that we see today.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the hazard-ness of the material, asbestos history would make rather a nice story. It was a massively useful material and had many relevant uses. it can be detected in most buildings built before 1970s – even in schools and ironically, hospitals.

This is why you should keep an eye out if your property contains asbestos. Now that the government is highlighting the dangers of asbestos – we are more clued up about asbestos than ever before. Asbestos removal is massively important if your living or working in a property that contains the stuff. If you think you’re at risk, you need to contact an asbestos removal expert. These people are trained to spot any properties or sites that contain asbestos. The history of asbestos use is prolific, so don’t be surprised to find some around your home.

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