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Removing Asbestos Safely and Professionally

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Everything you need to know about Asbestos Removal.

Removing Asbestos from

Asbestos containing materials can be found in many buildings across the UK as they were widely used in the construction industry up until 2000. Asbestos containing materials pose a serious health risk if they are damaged or disturbed. Because of this you are advised not to attempt moving, sanding, drilling or sawing any suspected asbestos containing materials and especially seek expert help when removing asbestos.

It is most important to have a thorough inspection before removing asbestos from your property. will perform both air quality testing and asbestos material testing to provide an accurate picture of the asbestos contamination in your building. After inspection and under instruction our asbestos experts will proceed with removing asbestos before safely and responsibly disposing of it.

If you suspect the presence of asbestos in your building; you should know exactly what to do in order to manage the situation and prevent health risks to occupants. You should never even consider removing asbestos yourself.

Below is the asbestos removal checklist that asbestos removal professionals will follow:

· Clear the working area of people, the area must be sealed off so that nobody can enter it. Only asbestos removal experts should be inside the specified area.
· Secure all contaminated surfaces with polyethylene film fastened with strong adhesive tape to help minimize the escape of asbestos dust when the workers are removing asbestos.
· Place clear warning signs to prevent people from entering the work area.
· Turn off air conditioning units and in some cases electrical power to the contaminated area.
· Wear disposable overalls with hoods, shoe coverings and gloves and respiratory masks.
· Use a low pressure sprayer to control asbestos dust when removing asbestos.
· Use heavy duty polyethylene bags which are especially designed for removing asbestos.
· Use vacuum cleaners equipped with a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter.

With our experience working across the UK, with a variety of clients, you can be sure to get a thorough and licensed service ensuring compliance with peace of mind built in.

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