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The floor that you walk on each day could have a very serious effect on your health many years from now. That is if you are walking on asbestos floor tiles because right up until the year 2000 asbestos was used in the construction of floor tiles. When damaged or degraded, the asbestos fibres can be released and inhaled which can lead to serious respiratory problems. Asbestos fibres are so small that they cannot be seen which makes damaged asbestos floor tiles very dangerous.

If you have reason to suspect that the floor you walk on is made from asbestos floor tiles then you should look into removal of your asbestos floor tiles as soon as possible. As you cannot see any threat it can be tempting to just remedy and damage with floor sealant, however if damage has already occurred to the asbestos floor tiles then asbestos fibres could have been released.

Removing asbestos floor tiles is a specialist job and to avoid cross contamination and danger to your health, isolation of the area should be performed. This means that certain areas of your building may not be accessible while experts work to remove your asbestos floor tiles. This is always avoided where possible and a small price to pay for the safe removal of your asbestos.
Wherever you reside in the UK and whatever type of property or asbestos problem you have, can help you. We will answer any questions you may have regarding asbestos floor tiles and any other aspects of the removal of asbestos floor tiles from your property.
Rather than risk serious health issues twenty or thirty years down the line you need to talk with a specialist company who can remove your asbestos floor tiles as quickly and as safely as possible.

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