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Everything you need to know about Asbestos Loft Insulation.

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If your property was built before 1999, it could contain asbestos insulation in as it was widely used in the construction of buildings due to its heat resistant properties. While asbestos insulation did the job it was supposed to, it was also found that when damaged, it released harmful asbestos fibres. As the result of this many years later those who had been exposed to damaged asbestos insulation began to feel the effects of years of breathing in the fibres.

The only way to stop you from developing problems with your health is if you have the asbestos insulation removed. However to do this you need the expert advice of someone trained and qualified in asbestos removal. Any asbestos insulation needs to be removed by a licensed removal contractor who’ll remove your asbestos insulation materials efficiently and according to stringent safety procedures.

Damaged asbestos insulation board can have a severe effect on your health and it can often be as long as thirty or more years before you get any symptoms as a result of exposure. With frequent exposure over time, the fibres that are found in asbestos insulation can be inhaled, causing problems such as long term respiratory disease.

It’s not easy to determine if the insulation in your building contain asbestos or even what type of asbestos has been used in their construction.

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