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Everything you need to know about Asbestos Tiles.

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Without testing from asbestos professionals, you may find it difficult to detect asbestos in your building. This is because materials such as asbestos tiles look no different to those that are free of asbestos. You can locate materials and products that are known to contain asbestos but the only way to know for certain is to get samples taken and tested.

Asbestos tiles is not as dangerous as other asbestos containing materials. However, health risks occur when asbestos tile begins to degrade or when they are damaged. To ensure your property is safe from the dangers of asbestos tiles, call now on 0844 288 7264 and talk to one of our experts about removing your asbestos tiles.

You should be aware of the presence of asbestos tiles in your property and have them labelled for the safety of all occupants. This will ensure that all building users are aware of hazardous materials and encourage them to leave those products undisturbed.

If your building contains asbestos tile, it is important to assess what condition they are in, this can be done through a visual inspection but it’s far better to have a professional survey by an asbestos expert. Loose, crumbling or water-damaged tiles pose a health risk and the sanding, drilling or scraping of asbestos tiles can release potentially deadly fibres.

Repair is, at best, only a temporary measure and eventually, your asbestos tiles will have to be removed. Maintaining the asbestos tiles through sealants can be expensive and if the asbestos tiles are soft, crumbly or otherwise damaged it’s also extremely dangerous. can run tests to check if the air is already contaminated with asbestos fibres as you may not know it but your asbestos tiles may already be damaged.

Call now on 0844 288 7264 and speak to a expert about removing your asbestos tiles.