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In certain cases you’ll need an asbestos certificate. This will be either for an air test, once the result has come back clear or if you need to carry out licensed work. Licensed work is the removal and disposal of certain forms of asbestos including asbestos insulation board (AIB) and products containing amosite and crocidolite.
Asbestos certificate are also known as clear air certificates and consignment notes. Both are legal documents and are required on all jobs involving the aforementioned asbestos products.

Anyone conducting certified asbestos removal should be able to identify and make a risk assessment of the asbestos in your building before safely removing the contaminated materials. It is essential that you do not undertake the removal of asbestos containing materials from your property without expert advice and assistance.

This is because any asbestos removal poses a serious health risk and as the remover, you would be exposed to dangerous asbestos fibres released by the materials that you’re removing. Without the proper protection, you’ll inhale these fibres and run the risk of developing life threatening illnesses. can take care of any asbestos removal in your home or workplace to ensure that you are free from any dangers. Our certified asbestos removal contractors will completely and safely remove any asbestos from your property while ensuring minimum disturbance to you.

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