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If you suspect the presence of asbestos in your property, you should be aware of the asbestos removal procedures needed to perform the safe removal of your asbestos. When considering asbestos removal, it’s always advisable to contact a professional who will have experience of asbestos removal procedures.

Up until the year 2000 asbestos was widely used in the construction of millions of buildings through out the UK, this has lead to all these structures containing a serious health risk. There are only certain asbestos containing materials that can be removed without a licence but in all cases, the assistance of a professional is recommended.

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Full asbestos removal procedures will assess all the potential asbestos materials in your building and provide a report on their location and condition. This is all part of the standard safe asbestos removal procedures that are commonly used. Asbestos removal procedures should cause little disturbance with the possibility of some parts of your property inaccessible due to decontamination.

Without the implementation of safe asbestos removal procedures; you would be at risk from the fibres that are present in damaged asbestos, it’s always recommended that you let the asbestos removal professionals conduct a controlled asbestos removal procedure.

Safe asbestos removal procedures carried out by a professional, qualified and licensed team will ensure that you’re not at risk from asbestos.

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