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Everything you need to know about Asbestos Linoleum.

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Asbestos was widely used in the construction industry until it was banned in late 1999. There could be asbestos containing materials in your building in floor pipes, guttering, and insulation and even in light fittings. If asbestos containing materials are undamaged or undisturbed then they pose little risk, however if in a state of distress asbestos can release harmful fibres and asbestos linoleum removal is necessary.

It is when these fibres are breathed that severe health problems can develop although you may not experience the affects until many years later. If you are concerned about any asbestos containing materials in your property, call now on 0844 288 7264 and speak to an asbestos expert about asbestos linoleum removal.

Our specialist asbestos linoleum removal team can identify all the asbestos containing materials in your property and consult you on the best asbestos linoleum removal process. Asbestos linoleum removal should only be carried out by qualified and licensed professionals who will conduct asbestos linoleum removal under controlled conditions.

You should never attempt to repair any damaged asbestos containing materials yourself or try to remove the materials. If you did then you are risking your health even further by exposing yourself to the dangerous asbestos fibres.

Ensure your building and all its users are safe from asbestos fibres through expert asbestos linoleum removal by