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Everything you need to know about Asbestos Pipes.

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A lot of old buildings contain asbestos pipes. These can come in the form of asbestos cement pipes, asbestos water pipes and asbestos flue pipe. Pipes were made out of asbestos for a number of reasons. Asbestos is heat resistant, so a great insulator for a hot water supply. It is also durable, so lasts for years outside and it was also a cheap product to be used in the construction of a building.

Normally asbestos pipe removal is quite an easy product to get rid of, most piping is on the outside of the building‚ sometimes this asbestos enters the infrastructure of the building. This is when invasive work needs to take place.

Asbestos pipe removal is a common procedure, and one carries out every day. Asbestos cement pipe removal is the most common, as a lot of pipes over the years have become cracked and damaged through general wear and tear.

With asbestos water pipe procedures, asbestos pipe insulation is often involved, so this can involve two lots of asbestos removal.

But like all jobs carried out by, we can scale the entire building from the bottom where an asbestos soil pipe might be detected to the roof where asbestos pipe lagging is often found.

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