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Everything you need to know about Asbestos Vinyl.

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Asbestos vinyl is often found in flooring tiles and was used up until 2000 for its durability and heat resistant properties. Vinyl asbestos floor tiles is not an easy or safe task to remove because of the health risks involved and it’s always advisable to seek the help of a professional expert.

You should always be aware of any asbestos containing materials in your property and monitor their condition as damaged or tired asbestos can release of harmful asbestos fibres into the air. These fibres are so small you can’t see them and are the main reason why safety measures should be in place when conducting asbestos vinyl removal.

Before you seek the help of asbestos vinyl removal experts you should be prepared for the isolation of the affected areas to avoid cross contamination. This will mean that certain areas of your building will be inaccessible while asbestos vinyl removal is ongoing.

Asbestos fibres are so dangerous that protective clothing is needed when working with vinyl asbestos, this includes work suits, respirators, gloves, helmets and boots. This equipment is very important and protects the asbestos removal professional from the dangers faced when carrying out asbestos vinyl removal.

If your vinyl asbestos is damaged, repair is ill advised and at best, only a temporary measure. Maintaining asbestos vinyl through sealants can be expensive and if the asbestos tiles are soft, crumbly or otherwise damaged it’s also extremely dangerous. Eventually, asbestos vinyl removal will need to take place.

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