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Removal Of Asbestos Mastic Made Easy

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Everything you need to know about Asbestos Mastic.

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Asbestos materials could be anywhere in your property if it was built before 2000. If your asbestos mastic is undamaged then it poses less of a risk, although you should always be continuously monitoring its condition.

If your asbestos mastic is deteriorated or damaged then it may release harmful fibres into the air which can be breathed in leading to serious respiratory diseases. If you are thinking about carrying out the removal of asbestos mastic yourself, then you are risking life threatening health problems as you would be in close contact with asbestos fibres. can remove asbestos mastic under safe and controlled conditions using restricted access and air filtration.

As well as the removal of asbestos mastic we can also take care of the removal of any other asbestos containing materials. We will identify the type of asbestos in your home and make a risk assessment before dealing efficiently with the removal of the materials.

If you are in any doubt as to whether any asbestos mastic is present in your property, it’s advisable to get a survey conducted to make sure you’re fully clued up. If damaged asbestos mastic is releasing fibres in your building; you are facing a long term health risk.

You should make any building users aware of damaged asbestos mastic before contacting on 0844 288 7264 and speaking to an expert in the removal of asbestos mastic.