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Everything you need to know about Encapsulating Asbestos.

Asbestos Encapsulation from

Depending on the severity of the situation, asbestos encapsulation may be a better option than complete removal.

There are many reasons why asbestos encapsulation would be better suited to your asbestos management programmed including:

· Environmental concerns
· Location of the contaminated substance
· Predicted down time as a result of the work
· Level of health risk posed by its presence
· Reduced cost for full compliance

Once all of these factors have been assessed, in some cases asbestos encapsulation is a more appropriate and just as effective solution.
A major benefit with asbestos encapsulation from is the reduced cost; removal of asbestos containing building material (ACM) is a very high risk procedure which must be carried out by highly qualified removal technicians.

Once off site, the ACM must then be legally and appropriately disposed of, again by qualified personal and sometimes at a high cost. Asbestos encapsulation negates the need for this process through safe control and demarcation of the materials on-site.
You’ll receive a comprehensive service from

· Conduct site survey
· Assess any asbestos containing materials found
· Sampling
· Independent UKAS accredited laboratory testing
· Confidentially report findings to you
· Recommend course of action
· Register production
· Asbestos encapsulation
· Provide a thorough report of action taken
· Monitoring (including air sampling)
· Liaise with authorities
· Ensure you have all documents necessary for compliance will provide a complete solution from assessment and actual encapsulation through to the declaration of safety and all the necessary paperwork.

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