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Everything you need to know about Asbestos Building Surveys.

Asbestos Survey from can provide you with an asbestos survey designed to establish the presence, location, type and condition of any Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) in your building. The results of your asbestos survey will establish what type of abatement process is needed to make your building safe.

There used to be 3 types of survey, each with different levels of assessment and structural invasion:

Type 1 – Location and assessment asbestos survey – presumptive basis
Will locate the presence and extent of any materials that may contain any traces of asbestos.
Type 2 – Basic sampling asbestos survey for identification and assessment
Same as Type 1 plus samples taken of certain materials for analysis in a UKAS laboratory. Increasingly being adopted as the industry standard approach.
Type 3 – Fully intrusive – conducted pre-demolition or major refurbishment.
A Type 3 asbestos survey located and provide a detailed description of all asbestos containing materials, using invasive and destructive action to take samples for UKAS analysis.

Now, there are only two types of survey – a renovation survey and a demolition survey. Call 0844 288 7264 now and get your asbestos taken care of by fully licensed and experienced experts.

Your asbestos survey from is conducted by fully trained and qualified asbestos technicians and is the first step towards complete piece of mind and regulatory compliance. Once the type of asbestos survey has been decided on, we will implement its full course of action assessing all areas of your building to determine the true extent of asbestos contamination: