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Asbestos containing materials have been used throughout homes in the UK up to the end of 1999. While asbestos materials that are left undisturbed or undamaged pose no real threat to your health, it is when they do become damaged that problems can arise due to the fact that fibres are given off. This is when you need the help of a specialist asbestos removal team who will use an asbestos test kit to determine what type of asbestos is present.

Only when an asbestos removal professional has used an asbestos test kit and has identified the type of asbestos can the safe removal process begin. An asbestos test kit would be an essential part of the asbestos supplies needed when working with the removal of asbestos.

Our trained, certified and experienced asbestos removal specialists are able to quickly identify asbestos containing materials in your home or workplace. We then conduct a controlled removal of the asbestos in your building.

An asbestos test kit can be used to identify if you have asbestos problems in your guttering, pipe lagging, insulation or vinyl floor tiling. We would also use our asbestos test kit to find out if you have problems with garage roofing materials, ceiling tiles or boilers.

Of course identification is only one part of the asbestos test kit. An asbestos test kit could include such items as HEPA vacuum cleaners, air compressors and of course the essential breathing apparatus that keeps our specialist asbestos removal team safe at all times during the actual removal process.

If you are worried about any asbestos materials being present in your property that could be giving off lethal fibres, give us a call now on 0844 288 7264. Our experts can work quickly to give you a comprehensive and complete assessment of the asbestos contamination in your building using an asbestos test kit.