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Asbestos law UK is very strict and it needs to be since any asbestos containing material in the home or workplace that has been damaged can release dangerous asbestos fibres.

The UK government introduced asbestos law as a way of protecting the public from the health risk posed by asbestos.

In 1983 it was announced that any asbestos materials which were seen to pose a high risk could only be removed by companies licensed for the safe removal of asbestos containing materials. This was one of the main changes to asbestos law. In 1987 the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations also came into force to protect operatives at work and in 199,; the import and use of all types of asbestos products was banned

Thanks to asbestos law UK, the health risk posed by asbestos is more controlled and the guidelines for its removal are set in place. adheres to the strict asbestos law guidelines that are there to protect you while we safely remove your asbestos containing materials.
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