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Worker DID die of asbestos exposure, Bolton inquest hears

mesothelioma from topasbestosremoval.comAn inquest has recently heard that a man who died in September has a died from an asbestos-related cancer.

John Devine was employed by a company from 1954 to 1980 and had a history of working with asbestos and asbesos-related materials.

The Bolton inquest was told that in July Mr Devine, aged 79, had written a statement — read out in court — detailing his working life in Little Lever where he was exposed to asbestos.

Although provided with gas masks, the workers, according to Devine, were never given any warning or rules relating to the dangers of asbestos.

Devine was diagnosed with mesothelioma in May – a cancer well known to be caused by exposure to asbestos.

Chemotherapy was started but discontinued when Devine became too ill for the treatment. He died at a hospice on 21st September.

Pathologist Dr Patrick Waugh confirmed that Mr Devine was suffering from heart disease, but had died as a result of malignant pleural mesothelioma and confirmed this would be “undoubtedly” as a result of his expose to asbestos during his working life.

Deputy coroner Alan Walsh said Mr Devine had died as a result of an industrial disease.

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Former shipwright wins asbestos case

Shipyard asbestos dust topasbestosremoval.comA former shipwright from Sunderland who suffered from lung cancer, has won his case after exposure to asbestos.

Robert Kemp, 75, was exposed to the material while working at the shipyards between the 1950s and 1980s.

The retired man suffered from a cough and chest pain in the summer of 2010, before doctors told him that there was a 90% chance of cancer. A biopsy later revealed that Mr Kemp was suffering from diffuse pleural thickening which leaves him breathless and unable to walk long distances.

“This has had a huge impact on my life,” he said.

“It is very frustrating that I cannot do the things I used to be able to do. I am terrified that I will get asbestos cancer in the future and this fear lives with me all the time.”

Mr Kemp had previously been diagnosed with pleural plaques and through the GMB, he approached Thompsons Solicitors for advice, only to find the law had changed to end compensation for the condition.

He approached the firm again after being told he probably had cancer, and Thompsons was successful in securing compensation from two of his former employers’ insurers.

The provisional settlement allows him to make a further claim for compensation if his condition worsens in the future due to asbestos-related disease.

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Dale Farm declared a no go zone after deadly asbestos is uncovered

The former Dale Farm traveller site has been marked as a no go area after asbestos was found on some of the bulldozed plots.

It is not yet known whether asbestos was dug up during the eviction or if it was dumped by fly-tippers afterwards. Either way, officials from the Environment Agency are urging no one to venture onto the site while an investigation is carried out.

An agency spokeswoman said: “We advised residents to stay away from the cleared area of Dale Farm as a precaution. “

When consultants visited the site to take samples they identified bonded asbestos sheeting on some plots. “

Asbestos can have health implications if broken up so people were advised to avoid any actions that might break it up or disturb it.”

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Is asbestos not a problem of the past?

There are still serious cases of asbestos contamination that are found in public buildings today.

Just under a month ago pupils had to be moved out of a school in Wales after browns asbestos fibres were discovered in air within the school during a structural survey.

As a result the school was closed down permanently. All other schools in Wales were also ordered to undergo air testing on a routine basis.

This would indicate that asbestos is not just a problem of the industrial past and continuing awareness of its dangers still remains necessary.

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Asbestos-related deaths growing still

Chief executive of the British Lung Foundation [BLF], Dame Helena Shovelton, warns that asbestos-related deaths could continue to rise unless people become aware there may still be a risk in their home.

Asbestos-related diseases kill more people than road accidents in the UK each year, and the number is still growing – deaths are set to peak around 2016.

One of the main concerns is the lack of awareness and understanding there is about the potential health hazard asbestos poses among those doing DIY.

A recent BLF survey of 2,000 adults showed that only 22% knew that all forms of asbestos were finally banned in the 1990s, while 67% said they could not confidently identify asbestos around the house.

These figures suggest that people’s awareness of the danger is fading – a worrying sign.

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Glasgow school fire causes asbestos debris

Residents near a derelict school in Glasgow which was set on fire have been told to limit use of their gardens because the debris may contain white asbestos.

A clean-up is under way following the blaze at the former StMark’s primary in the Tollcross area of Glasgow.

Asbestos specialists are clearing the debris and residents are urged not to try to do the work themselves. People have been asked to keep out of their gardens as much as possible until the clear-up has finished.

Glasgow City Council said there is no immediate risk to public health and that air quality is well within acceptable limits.

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Government cuts for asbestos related compensation claims

Workers with illnesses linked to asbestos are dying without compensation due to cutbacks put in place by the Government.

A new law to speed up compensation by letting sufferers claim from their employers’ insurers was agreed two years ago.

However, that new law will not come into force until – at the earliest – 2013, thanks to “shrinking departmental resources” at the Ministry of Justice.

In the three-year delay almost 15,000 people with debilitating diseases such as mesothelioma could die, the Health and Safety Executive has predicted.

Compensation lawyer Chris Shaw said: “The Government needs to rethink its decision. Many of these people do not have the luxury of being able to wait. It’s a disgrace.”

A new Ministry of Justice report said that tackling the severe economic situation meant “very worthwhile but less immediately pressing law reform projects have, in some cases, been delayed.”

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Asbestos Removal Luton – Council Have a Plan of Action

Luton Borough council claim to have carried out non destructive surveys, on nearly 10% of all their properties in a hope to identify the locations of any asbestos based materials.

They have carried out asbestos reports on most dwellings and were asbestos has been found in one type of property it is assumed all properties are the same.

The council carry out annual reports and manage and remove were appropriate, asbestos removal Luton council will only remove when necessary.

If you have a council property you can contact them for more details, if you have a privately owned property then you can call to have your property surveyed.

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Asbestos Removal Oxford – Oxford Scientists Developing Clearer Tests for Mesothelioma


Scientists in Oxford University have had a brake through in developing tests which will detect Mesothelioma Cancers

Because the cancer can develop anything up to 8-15 years later after exposure, leaving the infected with a limited life expectancy.

The test is set to detect levels of protein in the fluid around the lung.



Dr Paul Beckett, British Thoracic Society “A simple test which can exclude the diagnosis without resort to more invasive methods would be welcomed

Asbestos Removal Oxford welcomes any news were early detection of any asbestos related disease, this will only help in the fight to fight this horrible disease.

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Something to Consider before looking at Artex Removal

Asbestos was often found in artex as it was used as a strengthening agent until at least the 1980’s. This means that if your artex was applied in the last 25 years that it is more likely to not contain asbestos.


It is always a good idea carrying out sample testing before considering artex removal. Having the area sample tested will give you a conclusive answer. The test result would indicate if asbestos is present or not and if so help you avoid any risk by disturbing the asbestos causing risk to anyone.

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