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You Cannot Replace Asbestos Garage Roof, with Asbestos?

I have just had one of the strangest questions I’ve heard in a long time so I thought I would put the record straight.

I was asked if we “could sell some good condition asbestos sheets?” as they wanted to replace one or two sheets on their own asbestos garage roof.


I obviously explained that its now illegal to sell any asbestos products as well as use them and they will have to consider removing the whole roof.

I never can understand why people would want to keep this horribly hazardous waste near their families.


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Asbestos Skip Hire, What do I need to know?

When booking asbestos skip hire you need to know what type of waste will be going into the skip, there are two options; fibrous and bonded.

Fibrous related to High level asbestos and should be double bagged in accordance to HSE regulations and bonded in low level asbestos which can be stacked in our licensed skips.



You will need to have an idea of how much waste is going into the skip so we can advise on which skip is the best size for you. If you only have a small amount you might find that a collection is more to your requirements.

If you are carrying out the removal you will need to obtain a site registration from the Environmental Agency, this is to track the waste and make sure that all hazardous waste is being disposed of in the correct manor. You will need this whenever you need asbestos skip hire as a legal requirement.

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Do I have Asbestos Ceiling Tiles?

If you have ceiling tiles that look like the following:There is a chance you may have asbestos ceiling tiles, they can be found in many places and these pictures just show what a few of them look like, if you’re in any doubt then why not have the surface tested?These products can also be found in partition walls, fireproofing panels in fire doors, lift shaft linings, ceiling tiles, soffits and panels below windows to mention only a few areas.

Don’t forget with most of these boards it is difficult to tell the difference by just visual inspection. This is why the HSE advise testing on these areas.

For help and advice please contact Dan here at Top Asbestos.



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Asbestos Cement Removal gone wrong!


The picture below shows the absolute importance of picking the correct contractor.

As it happens, here at Top Asbestos we are aware that one of our regular customers had been suffering from a previous asbestos contractor neglecting their responsibility and failing to dispose of the asbestos in accordance to HSE regulations.



This waste ended up in a lovely forest often frequented by families and was found by a group of children playing.  Soon after the mess was found we received a phone call asking us to get down there immediately to clear up.

It is essential to always make sure when using an asbestos cement removal service that your contractor can provide waste disposal notes. This not only covers you legally in your ‘duty of care’ but also gives you peace of mind that your waste isn’t somewhere is shouldn’t be causing pollution and damage.



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MP’s encourage the removal of asbestos in our schools

A report has been released warning that 75% of state schools are exposing all those who enter the premises to asbestos fibers.

The amount of asbestos has been described as a “national scandal” The report is aimed at encouraging the government to bring in a programme to help with the removal of asbestos within schools.



This report comes after more than 140 teachers died from mesothelioma in 10 years this encouraged Labour MP Jim Sheridan for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, to say “This is a national scandal. Urgent action is needed to prevent more pupils, teachers and other staff being exposed to this deadly killer dust.

“We need both far greater awareness of the risks that this material poses and a programme for its phased removal.”

We will wait to see if the government put this in to action and start to give people the safe environment they deserve.

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Where to look when removing asbestos

Have you ever thought does your house contain asbestos? The answer is it probably does, its suspected over hundreds of thousands of properties have asbestos in them.


The next question would be where? Check out the HSE’s web site to see if you should be looking to removing asbestos from your property Click Here


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What Age of Property Could Need Asbestos Removal UK?

Asbestos removal uk is controlled by Asbestos Regulations which were put into place on 13th November 2006. This prohibits the importation, supply and use of all forms of asbestos.

These Regulations bring together the previous sets of Regulations covering the prohibition of asbestos, the control of asbestos at work and asbestos licensing.

The regulation support the ban brought in for blue and brown asbestos in 1985 and for white asbestos in 1999.

This means if your property is was built before the year 2000 there is distinct chance asbestos could be found.

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The Importance of Safe Asbestos Removals


A widow of a former Crewe Works employee spoke about her husbands horrific experience of asbestos exposure before the dangers where recognised.

William Martin, works as a fitter on the railway between 1956 and 1988. After leaving school he gained an apprenticeship to follow in his families footsteps.

He died aged 70, from lung disease. In an inquest this week the coroner heard evidence of how Mr Martin had spent most of his working life exposed to asbestos.

In a ‘life statement’ which was read out in the hearing,

It read: “Asbestos was in the atmosphere all the time. You couldn’t help but inhale it.

“You could see it the dust particles in the rays of sunlight.

Railway worker


“Some of the asbestos would still be clinging to the boilers. It would be on my hands. But it was a job I enjoyed.

“I do recall having blue asbestos on my sandwich – it was everywhere. At the end of the day my overalls would be covered thick with asbestos dust. We would not be provided with any masks.”

Dr Janet Napier, deputy coroner for Cheshire description of his experience will give the clearest indication of how this was viewed. She described the exposure to asbestos was like “capital punishment for being a hard worker”.

With this is in mind it shows why asbestos removals in the uk, is now been taken so seriously.  People are still at risk if they don’t have the asbestos removed to HSE standards.  This sad story reminds us of the importance and the dangers of asbestos.

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Asbestos Removal Glasgow – New Developments in Asbestos Illness Treatment

Talking to our asbestos removal Glasgow depot where they had just been reading about new developments that are being made in finding a vaccine for asbestos-related cancers. This will be a massive breakthrough and if it is successful will help thousands of people a year. They had read about it in the Clydebank Post. The Clydebank area in Scotland has seen thousands of workers exposed to asbestos at a shipyard and asbestos factory. Watch this space!

Asbestos Removal Glasgow

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Cost of Human Life vs Cost of Asbestos Removal

The 20th century is littered with events of great human tragedy. One thing that people forget is the amount of human loss that occurred through asbestos.

For most of the century, the dangers of asbestos were kept hidden, even when it was found to be extremely harmful, the cost of asbestos removal for some people was too great. These two things have cause thousands and thousands of deaths in the UK alone.

One woman, Edna White, worked at a plastics factory – Lorival Plastics – in Bolton, Lancs throughout the 1960s where she came in contact with asbestos and asbestos contaminated materials. She died recently of mesothelioma, a unique cancer caused by asbestos. Her daughter is appealing to her co-workers to contact her if they have suffered similar diseases.

cost of asbestos removal

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