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Former shipwright wins asbestos case

Shipyard asbestos dust topasbestosremoval.comA former shipwright from Sunderland who suffered from lung cancer, has won his case after exposure to asbestos.

Robert Kemp, 75, was exposed to the material while working at the shipyards between the 1950s and 1980s.

The retired man suffered from a cough and chest pain in the summer of 2010, before doctors told him that there was a 90% chance of cancer. A biopsy later revealed that Mr Kemp was suffering from diffuse pleural thickening which leaves him breathless and unable to walk long distances.

“This has had a huge impact on my life,” he said.

“It is very frustrating that I cannot do the things I used to be able to do. I am terrified that I will get asbestos cancer in the future and this fear lives with me all the time.”

Mr Kemp had previously been diagnosed with pleural plaques and through the GMB, he approached Thompsons Solicitors for advice, only to find the law had changed to end compensation for the condition.

He approached the firm again after being told he probably had cancer, and Thompsons was successful in securing compensation from two of his former employers’ insurers.

The provisional settlement allows him to make a further claim for compensation if his condition worsens in the future due to asbestos-related disease.

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Asbestos Found in Contraband Cigarettes

Next time you’re offered cheap cigarettes in the pub, do yourself a favour and think twice. Smokers looking for a bargain have been warned not to buy a bootleg brand of cigarettes from Russia, after it was found to contain asbestos.

The warning came from trading standard chiefs after a batch of Jin Ling cigarettes was reportedly offered around British pubs and clubs.

The cigarettes, which come in yellow packs with the words Jin Ling and USA emblazoned across the front, are thought to be twice as strong as an ordinary cigarettes.

Many of those tested have been revealed to contain toxins such as industrial chemicals and asbestos-lined Chinese drywall.

It is believed the cigarettes are created specifically for the black market, as the brand on offer is not available over the counter.

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Asbestos Causes Another Fatality

A fitter who worked at West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven has died from exposure to asbestos. Edward Nicholls was 76.

Postmortem examinations revealed prominent tumours in Mr Nicholl’s right lung. During a hearing, Mr Nicholl’s statement on his working history was read out. Mr Nicholls said he worked at the West Cumberland Hospital as a fitter’s mate between 1963 and 1998. During this time, he undertook a variety of jobs, from fitting light bulbs to working in the boiler house. Part of his job was to repair pipes which had been lagged with asbestos. He said he had to crawl under ducts where there was asbestos and he was often exposed to asbestos dust.

The cause of his death was bronchopneumonia caused by mesothelioma.

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An Education

We all like to learn something new so I found this great (albeit American made) video on asbestos. Pay close attention, there’ll be questions at the end of class.

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Asbestos Death Man Gives Evidence on His Own Death

A statement written by a man four days before he died from asbestos-related cancer was read out as evidence at an inquest into his own death.

Evidence from Clifford Baker, of Knowle, Bristol, about how he was exposed to asbestos in his working life was read out at the hearing at Flax Bourton Coroner’s Court.

The retired carpenter and joiner, of Langton Road, had been exposed to asbestos dust for most of his working life, since he first became an apprentice at a carpentry and joinery firm in Clifton in 1961, the inquest heard.

Mr Baker, 64, would often have to sweep up asbestos dust, cut fire doors containing asbestos and fix asbestos ceiling panels on local properties.

After his apprenticeship and throughout his working life, he was on a number of occasions exposed to a lot of dust, which he believed to contain asbestos.

In his statement, dad-of-two Mr Baker said: “In all this time I was not warned about the danger of asbestos exposure, nor was I given a mask sufficient to prevent inhalation of asbestos particles.”

His wife Jane, a housewife, and his daughters Charlotte and Catherine were in court for the hearing on Friday.

Mr Baker fell ill in March 2009, and at first it was believed he had a chest infection. He was given antibiotics, but this did not clear the infection

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Asbestos Killed Steve McQueen

Just read that one of favourite actors, Steve McQueen, was actually diagnosed with the asbestos disease mesothelioma, resulting in his early death. He worked in ship yards when he was younger and was exposed to asbestos whilst working there.

Check this video out:

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Asbestos Removal Wiltshire

We had an asbestos removal Wiltshire job last week, dismantling an asbestos roof off a scout hut.

We had a group of scouts who kept asking us if they could help. Unfortunately this will contravene child labour laws and health and safety laws.

We politely declined!

Asbestos from

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Free Asbestos Removal

…Ah, free asbestos removal…wouldn’t that be nice? Sadly, it doesn’t exist, unless your asbestos removal person is

a) being strangely generous, (chances are slim) …or…

b) a bit crooked and is taking his chances with the law.

Don’t be tempted with cheap or free offers. Asbestos needs expert care, so call someone you can trust – the expert asbestos removal experts at TopAsbestos

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When Did the UK Stop Using Asbestos Insulating Board?

We had a call from someone a few days ago asking when did the UK stop using asbestos insulating board? Now I’m more concerned with getting rid of asbestos and keeping places safe than history dates, but my colleague Dan informed that insulation board was banned in the UK in 1985 along with other asbestos containing material.

He knows his facts and figures, does Dan. So next time you have a question, call the asbestos experts on 0844 288 7264

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