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Is asbestos not a problem of the past?

There are still serious cases of asbestos contamination that are found in public buildings today.

Just under a month ago pupils had to be moved out of a school in Wales after browns asbestos fibres were discovered in air within the school during a structural survey.

As a result the school was closed down permanently. All other schools in Wales were also ordered to undergo air testing on a routine basis.

This would indicate that asbestos is not just a problem of the industrial past and continuing awareness of its dangers still remains necessary.

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The Queen faces multi-million pound asbestos removal bill

The Queen is facing a multi-million pound bill for removing potentially deadly asbestos from Buckingham Palace.

According to royal accounts, almost £1 million of public money has already been spent stripping asbestos from electrical cabling ducts under the flooring in the south wing of the 19th-century building.

Further work to remove the building material from other parts of the palace will take place over 20 years, with the total bill for ensuring the Royals and courtiers avoid developing mesothelioma coming to several millions of pounds.

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Original Harry Ramsden’s demolished due to asbestos find

The original shed in which Harry Ramsden’s was formed in Guiseley, near Leeds, in the 1920s has been demolished after asbestos was found in the building.

The decrepit, wooden building was used by Harry Ramsden to serve the first portion of fish and chips in December 1928.

The intention of the new owners was to protect it as part of the restaurant’s rich history, however they were unable to save it.

A spokeswoman for the company said: “It was in a very poor state of repair but once asbestos was found it had to be disposed of and demolished professionally.

“We were surprised to find asbestos and everyone involved was sad to see it go.”

The branch of Harry Ramsden’s was originally run from the shed – complete with a tree growing through it.

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Glasgow school fire causes asbestos debris

Residents near a derelict school in Glasgow which was set on fire have been told to limit use of their gardens because the debris may contain white asbestos.

A clean-up is under way following the blaze at the former StMark’s primary in the Tollcross area of Glasgow.

Asbestos specialists are clearing the debris and residents are urged not to try to do the work themselves. People have been asked to keep out of their gardens as much as possible until the clear-up has finished.

Glasgow City Council said there is no immediate risk to public health and that air quality is well within acceptable limits.

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Pay out after asbestos related death

A Somerset woman is to recieve £290,000 in compensation from Bristol Water following her husband’s death from cancer, which alledgedly has been proven to be linked with asbestos exposure. David Bean, from Shepton Mallet, had worked for the company as an engineer.

It was revealed that he had no protection when visiting pumping stations which had been housing boilers that were covered with asbestos cement lagging.

Bristol Water said “stringent safety measures” had now been introduced for staff working with asbestos.

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Government cuts for asbestos related compensation claims

Workers with illnesses linked to asbestos are dying without compensation due to cutbacks put in place by the Government.

A new law to speed up compensation by letting sufferers claim from their employers’ insurers was agreed two years ago.

However, that new law will not come into force until – at the earliest – 2013, thanks to “shrinking departmental resources” at the Ministry of Justice.

In the three-year delay almost 15,000 people with debilitating diseases such as mesothelioma could die, the Health and Safety Executive has predicted.

Compensation lawyer Chris Shaw said: “The Government needs to rethink its decision. Many of these people do not have the luxury of being able to wait. It’s a disgrace.”

A new Ministry of Justice report said that tackling the severe economic situation meant “very worthwhile but less immediately pressing law reform projects have, in some cases, been delayed.”

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Residents protest against asbestos disposal in Somerset quarry

A local residents’ campaign to stop asbestos being dumped in a Somerset quarry, which is near a reservoir that supplies much of Bristol’s water has received the backing of an MP.

Bath and North East Somerset Council initially approved the plans for the asbestos disposal in Chew Valley quarry, but the decision was revoked after residents launched judicial review proceedings claiming the council had not followed due process.

Oaktree Environmental have since resubmitted their planning application, which could see more than 600,000 tonnes of hazardous waste from around the country dumped in Somerset.

Tory MP for North East Somerset said he was supporting opponents of the scheme, who fear asbestos could leak into Chew Valley reservoir. Mr Rees-Mogg Tory MP told the BBC: “If it were up to me I wouldn’t agree it, but it’s not up to me.  I‘d be very pleased to present a petition to Parliament.”

Over 950 people had signed an e-petition on the Stop Stowey Quarry website, as well as another 100 people also submitting formal written objections to the council.

Bristol Water has also reaffirmed its opposition to the proposals.

A statement on its website says: “Bristol Water considers that the use of Stowey quarry as a waste disposal site is inappropriate and represents a risk to the long-term quality of the water resource at Chew Valley Lake.”

In its planning application Oaktree says: “It is estimated that between 20 and 30 million tonnes of asbestos cement remains in-situation on British buildings, which is likely to require replacement over the next 40 years. There are no alternatives to dealing with the asbestos other than depositing at landfill sites.”

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Get in the swing of asbestos removal in Ayrshire

If you’re a golf fan, Ayrshire could be a fitting location to spend a relaxing weekend retreat.

For instance, you may already be aware that Prestwick was the first home of the Open Golf Championship.

And while you’re at it, there are plenty of other things to do in the county.

Indeed, asbestos removal in Ayrshire could be top of your list.

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Are you looking for asbestos disposal in Elgin?

Asbestos disposal in Elgin could win the approval of customers north of the border.

The town is reportedly one of the most prosperous in Scotland, with a smattering of historic sites located within its vicinity.

Elgin cathedral is well worth a look, but luckily, the building won’t be in need of asbestos removal services anytime soon.

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Is now the time to get asbestos removal in Carlisle?

Asbestos removal in Carlisle could appeal to businesses and individuals in north-west England.

If you’re based in Cumbria, it might be a good idea to get an expert opinion on whether a building is fit for purpose.

From educational insitutions to healthcare facilities, identifying traces of asbestos is of paramount importance.

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