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Colchester Zoo fined for asbestos disposal breach

Colchester Zoo has been fined £30,000 for a string of health and safety offences involving asbestos.

Charges against Colchester Zoo were brought by Colchester Borough Council following a routine health and safety check in June 2010.

The inspector performing the inspection found asbestos boards taken from a hay barn and dumped in a skip, Chelmsford Crown Court heard.

The organistion admitted to 12 health and safety breaches including failing to adequately protect staff.

The zoo said: “Colchester Zoo deeply regrets that on this one occasion, as a result of an administrative oversight, proper procedures were not followed.”

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Plans for asbestos disposal in Bristol is opposed by local MPs

The leader of the Bristol city council and two MPs have urged planners to listen to objections to the proposed asbestos disposal in Bristol.

Last July, an application to dispose of hazardous waste at Stowey Quarry was initially approved by Bath and North East Somerset Council. The decision was later quashed but an application has since been resubmitted by Oaktree Environmental.

Opponents fear asbestos may get into Chew Valley reservoir and the Environment Agency have said that they would be objecting to the plans.

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Building Company Fined for Unsafe Asbestos Disposal

HSE has fined a building company based in Bradford-on- Avon after it was found putting people at risk through unsafe asbestos disposal of an insulation board (AIB).

A Magistrates court heard that the construction company removed the asbestos waste while working on a refurbishment job. The asbestos was removed and non of the legal precautions were put into place, exposing the family and workers to the risks of asbestos exposure.

HSE inspector, Helena Tinton said after the prosecution:

“Asbestos is widely known to be a hazardous material and asbestos fibre exposure is linked to a number of serious diseases, including cancer and scarring of the lungs. As such, work with materials containing higher risk asbestos, including asbestos insulation board, is a licensed activity with work only carried out by trained people under tightly controlled conditions.. As a building contractor engaged in refurbishment work, D B Construction should have been aware of this and yet these ceiling boards were removed in an uncontrolled manner over a period of several hours, which resulted in the spread of airborne asbestos fibres inside and outside the property, leaving workers and the family at risk of exposure.”

The construction company were fined over £10,000 for their general contempt of asbestos regulations.

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How to dispose of asbestos

We all know that asbestos fibres can be deadly that’s why when you dispose of asbestos you should ensure the following guide lines are adhered to:



  • Asbestos must be stored in an environmentally safe manner.
  • Low level asbestos should be packed and secured at all times.
  • High level asbestos should be kept in a sealed container (i.e. skip)
  • You must wet down asbestos contaminated soils
  • Asbestos should only be transported in a leak proof vehicle
  • Use a landfill site that dispose of asbestos must have full EA license to do so
  • Disposing of asbestos waste in skip/domestic bins is against the law.
  • You must never to re-use, recycle or illegally dump asbestos products as you can be liable for legal punishment.

The easiest way to dispose asbestos is to call us on 0844 288 7264,  we do collections for those small amounts or licensed asbestos skips for larger amounts across the UK.

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Waste Management Company’s Proposal for Disposal of Asbestos at Peterborough Site


A waste management company has made an application to Peterborough City Council planners to allow the disposal of asbestos waste at their Eye site.


The application is part of  an extension that would keep the site open until at least 2021.

Currently there are no sites in Peterborough that take asbestos and all waste needs to be taken to other sites across the UK.

The application has cause some concern with local councilors who are worried at the effects on the surrounding areas.

It will be discussed at the Planning and Environmental Protection Committee at 1.30pm on February 7 when a decision should be made on the application.

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2011 – Turkey Rings in the New Year with Asbestos Changes

Turkey has announced that as from the beginning of 2011, they are introducing a ban on the use and production of asbestos in the country. They are now in line with European Union regulations.

“The ban on use of asbestos will both eliminate diseases stemming from the substance and end emission of asbestos to the environment,” read the announcement.

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Asbestos Disposal – We de boss!

OK, we know we’re called, but we also do asbestos disposal, which is pretty handy, because we wouldn’t be much use to you if we removed the asbestos in your property and just left it there, would we?! - Asbestos Pictures 2

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Asbestos Disposal

It goes without saying that asbestos disposal needs to be treated with the utmost care. There’s only a handful of landfill sites that accepts asbestos and this means that when you find asbestos on your property, you need to contact the professionals.

Because asbestos is harmful to your health, stay clear and call the asbestos experts at on 0844 288 7264.

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