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Brewery fined after asbestos exposure

A Cornish brewery has been fined after workmen refurbishing a Dartmoor pub were left exposed to asbestos.

The incident happened at the Three Crowns pub in Chagford, Devon, in January 2010.

The workmen discovered the asbestos when demolishing walls and were instructed to remove it without adequate protection.

St Austell Brewery was fined £5,000 by Exeter magistrates for breaching Control of Asbestos Regulations. Building contractor Cowley’s Building and Maintenance Ltd of Colyton, Devon, and its director Christopher Reed were also prosecuted.

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Asbestos-related deaths growing still

Chief executive of the British Lung Foundation [BLF], Dame Helena Shovelton, warns that asbestos-related deaths could continue to rise unless people become aware there may still be a risk in their home.

Asbestos-related diseases kill more people than road accidents in the UK each year, and the number is still growing – deaths are set to peak around 2016.

One of the main concerns is the lack of awareness and understanding there is about the potential health hazard asbestos poses among those doing DIY.

A recent BLF survey of 2,000 adults showed that only 22% knew that all forms of asbestos were finally banned in the 1990s, while 67% said they could not confidently identify asbestos around the house.

These figures suggest that people’s awareness of the danger is fading – a worrying sign.

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Grandmother hits out at council’s asbestos failures

A grandmother has criticised her local council after asbestos was left within the reach of youngsters in her neighbourhood.

Jean Phillips told The News that Gosport Borough Council failed to remove the substance quickly, after it was found in a derelict garage.

She witnessed children – who were oblivious to the safety risks – pulling out the sheets and breaking it up.

Ms Phillips claimed that the local authorities were reluctant to take decisive action because the asbestos was located within private property.

Do you think councils should do more to remove dangerous asbestos?

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Looking for Asbestos Removal Bath

If you’re looking for asbestos removal Bath or anywhere else in the country for that matter, then you’ve come to the right place. But what exactly is asbestos and why does it need such special precautions in its removal? Have a look at this video I found. It may answer some questions for you.

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The Dangers of Asbestos Explained

Asbestos fibres can be found accross the country, which means we are all subject to very low leves of fibres every day. The Chances of developing an asbestos related disease is increased with the number of fibres breathed in. If you work on or near damaged asbestos containing materials the risk is increased, which may be many times more than the genral levels incountered which in turn will increase your chances of getting an asbestos-related disease.

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