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Brewery fined after asbestos exposure

A Cornish brewery has been fined after workmen refurbishing a Dartmoor pub were left exposed to asbestos.

The incident happened at the Three Crowns pub in Chagford, Devon, in January 2010.

The workmen discovered the asbestos when demolishing walls and were instructed to remove it without adequate protection.

St Austell Brewery was fined £5,000 by Exeter magistrates for breaching Control of Asbestos Regulations. Building contractor Cowley’s Building and Maintenance Ltd of Colyton, Devon, and its director Christopher Reed were also prosecuted.

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Asbestos Removal Cornwall – Builder Fined after being caught breaching Asbestos Disposal Laws


A whopping £8K fine was recently issued by a magistrate in Cornwall due to the incorrect disposing of asbestos waste.

The builder pleaded guilty and was found guilty of failing to dispose of asbestos waste in a safe manner not once but on three separate occasions a court heard.

The builder’s company pleaded that they had been carrying out repairs on a property and had employed a third party to dispose of waste asbestos and in fact it was the 3rd party who disposed of this incorrectly.

Officers were alerted to the waste being fly tipped in Bickleigh, officers found over 60 bags of tiles.

Although he paid someone else to dispose of the asbestos his failure to confirm suitable certification with their 3rd party contractor who was handling the disposal of their asbestos.

When it comes to safely disposing of asbestos it doesn’t matter if a 3rd party supplier is dealing with your asbestos removal Cornwall it is still your responsibility to ensure the correct certification is supplied to ensure that the contract has the correct asbestos license.


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