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Brewery fined after asbestos exposure

A Cornish brewery has been fined after workmen refurbishing a Dartmoor pub were left exposed to asbestos.

The incident happened at the Three Crowns pub in Chagford, Devon, in January 2010.

The workmen discovered the asbestos when demolishing walls and were instructed to remove it without adequate protection.

St Austell Brewery was fined £5,000 by Exeter magistrates for breaching Control of Asbestos Regulations. Building contractor Cowley’s Building and Maintenance Ltd of Colyton, Devon, and its director Christopher Reed were also prosecuted.

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Original Harry Ramsden’s demolished due to asbestos find

The original shed in which Harry Ramsden’s was formed in Guiseley, near Leeds, in the 1920s has been demolished after asbestos was found in the building.

The decrepit, wooden building was used by Harry Ramsden to serve the first portion of fish and chips in December 1928.

The intention of the new owners was to protect it as part of the restaurant’s rich history, however they were unable to save it.

A spokeswoman for the company said: “It was in a very poor state of repair but once asbestos was found it had to be disposed of and demolished professionally.

“We were surprised to find asbestos and everyone involved was sad to see it go.”

The branch of Harry Ramsden’s was originally run from the shed – complete with a tree growing through it.

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Glasgow asbestos removal needed after school fire

Residents who live in the streets surrounding a Glasgow primary school which set on fire in May are to have their gutters cleaned following an asbestos scare.

Glasgow City Council undertook the asbestos removal work to clean gutters around St Mark’s Primary School after fibres were found in several roofs in the area during checks.

Residents were warned not to use their gardens until the land had been uncontaminated.

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Asbestos removal required after it’s found in school toilets

Staff and pupils at Portadown College are not at risk despite the recent discovery of asbestos in the school’s staff toilet block, according to the Southern Education and Library Board.

Asbestos, which remains the highest single cause of work-related deaths in the UK, was found in during refurbishment work being carried out by contractors.

The area was sealed off while an investigation was carried out and the board consulted with asbestos specialists before the actual asbestos removal job.

One source at the school said the discovery underlined the extent of the problems facing staff and pupils in a building that should have been replaced.

“The contractors were doing some work when the asbestos was discovered. Ultimately, pupils and staff weren’t at risk but it shows once again the conditions that we are having to work in,” said the source.

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Asbestos removal in Grimsby required following asbestos bag found dumped

Residents in Grimsby have revealed their shock after a bag believed to contain harmful asbestos was found dumped outside their homes.

The large red bag – which carried a warning that it contained asbestos – was left inside an abandoned shopping trolley on the pavement close to Duncombe Street car park.

Asbestos removal has since been carried out, though there is no clue as to who disposed of the bag.

A resident described seeing the trolley containing the red bag being dumped sometime between 5pm and 6pm on a Tuesday.

He said: “It was a small white Ford van which had a big black phone number across the left hand side of it. The driver got out and pulled the trolley out from the back, and it tipped over. Then he just drove off. Later that night I saw it being loaded onto the back of a council van. I didn’t report it, but if I had known it was asbestos I would have done. It’s disgusting really, isn’t it? There are a lot of kids around here.”

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Asbestos removal needed at Olympic basketball site

Environmental campaigners have told a High Court judge that an Olympic basketball training facility was being built on parkland that is filled with asbestos.

They said the facility in Waltham Forest, North London, was being put up in an area that was landfilled with asbestos and lead after the Second World War.

The campaigners also claimed that workers were disturbing “contaminated” earth in the process of building the facilities for the London Olympic Games

Demonstrators raised concerns as Mr Justice Arnold – who has said he has tickets for an Olympic basketball game – renewed an order “restraining” them from engaging in “unlawful activity” at the site.  Asbestos removal would be needed should the plans to build go ahead.

The demonstrators also said they were not opposed the Olympics, only to the development.

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Demolition of Terry’s chocolate factory includes asbestos removal

It has been revealed that asbestos has been found during the demolition of Terry’s chocolate factory in York.

York’s chocolate-making heritage is being knocked down to make way for a proposed £165 million redevelopment of the site, though that is now in doubt.

Bulldozers have moved in to knock down non-listed buildings on the site of the former Terry’s factory onBishopthorpe Road.

The demolition was originally expected to pave the way for the start of work on a scheme to create hundreds of homes, two hotels, shops, bars and restaurants for the area.

During the work, in which the original fixtures and fittings are being stripped out, harmful asbestos was discovered.

This means lengthy asbestos removal is required to complete the job.

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Residents protest against asbestos disposal in Somerset quarry

A local residents’ campaign to stop asbestos being dumped in a Somerset quarry, which is near a reservoir that supplies much of Bristol’s water has received the backing of an MP.

Bath and North East Somerset Council initially approved the plans for the asbestos disposal in Chew Valley quarry, but the decision was revoked after residents launched judicial review proceedings claiming the council had not followed due process.

Oaktree Environmental have since resubmitted their planning application, which could see more than 600,000 tonnes of hazardous waste from around the country dumped in Somerset.

Tory MP for North East Somerset said he was supporting opponents of the scheme, who fear asbestos could leak into Chew Valley reservoir. Mr Rees-Mogg Tory MP told the BBC: “If it were up to me I wouldn’t agree it, but it’s not up to me.  I‘d be very pleased to present a petition to Parliament.”

Over 950 people had signed an e-petition on the Stop Stowey Quarry website, as well as another 100 people also submitting formal written objections to the council.

Bristol Water has also reaffirmed its opposition to the proposals.

A statement on its website says: “Bristol Water considers that the use of Stowey quarry as a waste disposal site is inappropriate and represents a risk to the long-term quality of the water resource at Chew Valley Lake.”

In its planning application Oaktree says: “It is estimated that between 20 and 30 million tonnes of asbestos cement remains in-situation on British buildings, which is likely to require replacement over the next 40 years. There are no alternatives to dealing with the asbestos other than depositing at landfill sites.”

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Failure to act quickly upon asbestos removal at Liverpool Hospital may mean workers have been exposed


Asbestos was found in a well known hospital after a routine inspection. Ducts have now been sealed but there was some concern as to the effect of staff members health.

The hospital offices were found to be safe after extensive testing and the danger to anyone worked within the ducts was low.

Asbestos was routinely used as a way to insulate and fireproof buildings from the 1950s through to the mid-1980s.

Asbestos Removal Liverpool hospital was done in the 1980’s and the hospital was under the impression it had been removed.

This is why is so important to get those asbestos management plans reviewed.

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Asbestos Training


Did you know that asbestos regulations require that you train anyone who is likely to come into contact with asbestos? So if you work as a electrician, plumber, builder or in site maintenance…basically anywhere that could come into contact with asbestos you should be trained at least so you know not to disturb any asbestos present and identifying what type of asbestos helps when gaining asbestos removal costs. If you have not been trained let me know asbestos training is now available!

Call Dan 0844 288 7264

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