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Scouts group calls for Stoke-on-Trent council action after asbestos scare

Scout leaders are calling for Stoke-on-Trent City Council to finalise the lease on their building so they can take action to stop fly-tippers.

The 67th Burslem Scout Group needs a £15,000 grant to pay for a security fence around the building.

Group leader Colin Greatbatch said talks with the council have been going on for more than four years. Now, with fly-tippers striking again by dumping a pile of white asbestos just yards from the building entrance, action needs to be taken.

Mr Greatbatch says the health risk to children should mean the lease issue is sorted out as a matter of urgency.

He said: “The fly-tipping has been going on for years. It’s usually every couple of weeks.

“Luckily I arrived early and saw the asbestos before anyone else got here. Otherwise the scouts might have started playing on it, which is obviously very dangerous.”

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Peterborough City Council approve asbestos disposal in local quarry

A waste disposal company has received unanimous approval from a planning committee to allow them to dump asbestos at a landfill site near the town of Peterborough.

A well-known Waste Services company had originally applied for asbestos disposal waste within four “non hazardous” cells at Eyebury Quarry and to increase the catchment area for it to accept more asbestos disposal.

Peterborough City Council’s planning committee permitted the application, which will see a maximum of 200,000 tonnes of the waste dumped at the site over the next 10 years.

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Asbestos disposal and handling regulations amended April 2012

Less than a week ago HSE’s official Asbestos Regulations for the control and handling of this dangerous substance were amended and re-published on the HSE official website.

The latest HSE regulations have been updated to take into consideration the new European Commission’s view which was that the UK hadn’t completely implemented a full EU Directive regarding asbestos exposure (Directive 2009/148/EC).

The latest changes to legal regulations for asbestos disposal include some additional requirements regarding non-licensed work with particular emphasis on; notification of work, medical surveillance and record keeping. All other asbestos regulations remain unchanged.

For more information on asbestos regulations, asbestos removal or disposal and the efficient, cost effective, licenced services we provide then give our asbestos expert Dan (or any member of the asbestos team a call or even an email). There is nothing we don’t know about asbestos removal and asbestos disposal.

Full HSE asbestos regulations are available on


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Demolition of Terry’s chocolate factory includes asbestos removal

It has been revealed that asbestos has been found during the demolition of Terry’s chocolate factory in York.

York’s chocolate-making heritage is being knocked down to make way for a proposed £165 million redevelopment of the site, though that is now in doubt.

Bulldozers have moved in to knock down non-listed buildings on the site of the former Terry’s factory onBishopthorpe Road.

The demolition was originally expected to pave the way for the start of work on a scheme to create hundreds of homes, two hotels, shops, bars and restaurants for the area.

During the work, in which the original fixtures and fittings are being stripped out, harmful asbestos was discovered.

This means lengthy asbestos removal is required to complete the job.

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Asbestos Removal Oxford – Oxford Scientists Developing Clearer Tests for Mesothelioma


Scientists in Oxford University have had a brake through in developing tests which will detect Mesothelioma Cancers

Because the cancer can develop anything up to 8-15 years later after exposure, leaving the infected with a limited life expectancy.

The test is set to detect levels of protein in the fluid around the lung.



Dr Paul Beckett, British Thoracic Society “A simple test which can exclude the diagnosis without resort to more invasive methods would be welcomed

Asbestos Removal Oxford welcomes any news were early detection of any asbestos related disease, this will only help in the fight to fight this horrible disease.

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Asbestos Removal Portsmouth – National Figures Show Asbestos Related Deaths on the Rise

According to new statistics released, Portsmouth’s asbestos related deaths are on the rise and have exceeded national averages.

National average for the UK is 5 out 200,000 deaths are asbestos related, while in Portsmouth it is said to be 11 people in every 200,000.

APIL president David Bott said: ‘More people die of mesothelioma in Portsmouth per head of the population than most other parts of the country. This is bad enough, but the number of men dying from this disease is expected to peak in the next five years. What is needed is for the government to bring forward proposals for a fund of last resort, which would act as a safety net for injured workers.’

Asbestos Removal Portsmouth would welcome such a fund as so many people cannot get the assistance they need when they have been affected by this inhuman disease.

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Asbestos Removal Coventry – Carpenters Family Look for Answers

Raymond Mansfield Smith worked as a carpenter on the railways for over 40 years, he died in later life from an asbestos related cancer, which has left is family looking for answers from is former colleagues, hoping that some information provided may give them the closure they are looking for.

They were not aware of him directly dealing with the asbestos however after a visit to the doctor where he suspected a possible broken rib, he was found soothing a lot worse, he was diagnosed with mesothelioma.

The reasons could be as simple as he was exposed to Asbestos Removal Coventry in his work place and wasn’t given the critical asbestos advice which we are given today. Much has changed in terms of our deeper understanding  of asbestos and its’ potential damaging effects to human lives.

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Asbestos Removal Exeter – Council Identifies over 80 properties with asbestos

Exeter council have confirmed that asbestos is presumed to be present in some of their most visited buildings. Buildings such as the Pyramids, Topsham museum, Guildhall as well as many others have been found to need asbestos removal Exeter council revealed following the freedom of information request.

The asbestos is said to be in good condition at the moment but this will be something that they will continue to monitor.

If you have any areas you want checking for asbestos, then let us know.

February 16, 2012 at 3:54 pm | Asbestos Infomation |
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Disposal of asbestos; how not to do it…

Everyone knows fly tipping can cost a lot for the general tax payer to clean up. Its estimated to cost over £100,000’s a day to clear up, all because some people don’t want to pay for disposal of their waste correctly.


Take this guy for instance, he has been disguising himself as a legitimate way to dispose of waste. This includes the Disposal of asbestos, but instead of paying to dispose of it in legitimate ways he has decided it makes more sense to dispose of this on private land which taxpayers like you and I end up footing the bill for.

With the help of the BBC’s T.V. Rouge Traders he was apprehended and has been sent to prison for his actions.

It is reported that over a million properties suffer from fly tippers dumping on them illegally; that is an amazing one every 12 seconds…just remember when choosing your asbestos waste disposal that you don’t take the illegal option to save yourself a couple of pounds because the waste could end up on the property of a family member or friend.

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Asbestos Skip Hire, What do I need to know?

When booking asbestos skip hire you need to know what type of waste will be going into the skip, there are two options; fibrous and bonded.

Fibrous related to High level asbestos and should be double bagged in accordance to HSE regulations and bonded in low level asbestos which can be stacked in our licensed skips.



You will need to have an idea of how much waste is going into the skip so we can advise on which skip is the best size for you. If you only have a small amount you might find that a collection is more to your requirements.

If you are carrying out the removal you will need to obtain a site registration from the Environmental Agency, this is to track the waste and make sure that all hazardous waste is being disposed of in the correct manor. You will need this whenever you need asbestos skip hire as a legal requirement.

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