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Worker DID die of asbestos exposure, Bolton inquest hears

mesothelioma from topasbestosremoval.comAn inquest has recently heard that a man who died in September has a died from an asbestos-related cancer.

John Devine was employed by a company from 1954 to 1980 and had a history of working with asbestos and asbesos-related materials.

The Bolton inquest was told that in July Mr Devine, aged 79, had written a statement — read out in court — detailing his working life in Little Lever where he was exposed to asbestos.

Although provided with gas masks, the workers, according to Devine, were never given any warning or rules relating to the dangers of asbestos.

Devine was diagnosed with mesothelioma in May – a cancer well known to be caused by exposure to asbestos.

Chemotherapy was started but discontinued when Devine became too ill for the treatment. He died at a hospice on 21st September.

Pathologist Dr Patrick Waugh confirmed that Mr Devine was suffering from heart disease, but had died as a result of malignant pleural mesothelioma and confirmed this would be “undoubtedly” as a result of his expose to asbestos during his working life.

Deputy coroner Alan Walsh said Mr Devine had died as a result of an industrial disease.

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Asbestos exemption to ‘no-win, no-fee’ changes concerning Mesothelioma

A justice minister has said that sufferers of asbestos-related cancer will initially be exempt from government changes to “no-win, no-fee” rules.

Jonathan Djanogly revealed there would be a review of the changes, which will see successful claimants pay part of their damages to their solicitors.

Peers and campaigners say mesothelioma victims should be exempt because the illness’s severity is indisputable.

The changes to no-win, no-fee are designed to prevent lawyers claiming “success fees” from the losing side.

Instead, it will see them receive a share of the compensation – up to a maximum of 25% of the total pay-out –  given to their own client.

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Asbestos Lawsuit Pursues Hosiery Giants DuPont

DuPont – the compay who specialise in stockings and tights as well as agricultural and electronic products is being sued.

DuPont is being sued due to asbestos-related illnesses that three workers have come down with from the company’s former nylon fabrication plant in Argentina. DuPont sold the Argentina plant in 2004 to an energy and chemicals company called Koch Industries for $4.4 billion.

The production of nylon involves polymerization, which means combining base polymers, which require a chemical reaction inside a specially designed machine that can reach extremely high temperatures. Because of this, the pipes must be insulated, and in this case they were insulated with asbestos, and the high heats released the fibers.

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Asbestos Causes Another Fatality

A fitter who worked at West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven has died from exposure to asbestos. Edward Nicholls was 76.

Postmortem examinations revealed prominent tumours in Mr Nicholl’s right lung. During a hearing, Mr Nicholl’s statement on his working history was read out. Mr Nicholls said he worked at the West Cumberland Hospital as a fitter’s mate between 1963 and 1998. During this time, he undertook a variety of jobs, from fitting light bulbs to working in the boiler house. Part of his job was to repair pipes which had been lagged with asbestos. He said he had to crawl under ducts where there was asbestos and he was often exposed to asbestos dust.

The cause of his death was bronchopneumonia caused by mesothelioma.

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Asbestos in Schools

A report has been released showing that asbestos in schools is more of a problem than first thought.

The findings by experts, who were invited to test sample the nation’s 25,000 schools to see the true extent of the killer dust problem, makes disturbing reading for all working in education and parents.

Last night all the biggest teaching unions, MPs and asbestos campaigners voiced their concerns about the scale of the problem and pressed for urgent government action.

They will hand the latest damning dossier to Schools Minister Diana Johnson on Wednesday and demand a change in the current government policy of considering asbestos safe if it is left undisturbed.

The government line is savaged in the report by the Asbestos Training and Consultancy Association (ATAC) which says:”The increasing number of mesothelioma deaths (an asbestos-related disease) amongst teachers and support staff is testament that the policy of management has failed.”

ATAC admits that its sample so far is small, but says: “The flaws found here are just a reflection of what is found in many, many other schools throughout the country.

“These flaws should have been identified decades ago and the measures taken to correct them, but because they were not, teachers,support staff and children have been exposed to asbestos, when it could have been prevented.”

for the last 40 years, exposing our children, teachers and support staff to deadly asbestos fibres is unacceptable.”

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Asbestos Removal Oxford

There were no dreaming spires this morning when we were doing some asbestos removal Oxford. We were working on a department store that was riddled with the stuff.

It didn’t pose a threat to the customers because it was all in the roof and lagging, but it was a big job (in fact our lads are going to be there for another week) and we’re taking great care that no one is affected by the removal of the asbestos.

A lot of buildings still have lots of asbestos in – this stems back from the early to mid 20th century when asbestos was completely widespread.

Here’s a picture of asbestos lagging, so you can easily spot it next time you come across it:

asbestos lagging from

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Asbestos Removal Portsmouth

Yesterday, when we were doing some asbestos removal Portsmouth, we helped a man who had an asbestos tank that he needed shifting. It had been there for decades, and he’d just moved in with his family, and like any dad, didn’t want the tank to pose a threat to his family’s health. It took nearly a day to remove and dispose as it mean replumbing pipes but we got it out and the man can now be rest assured that it no longer lives in his house!

Here’s a picture of an asbestos tank, so you know what to look out for:

asbestos tank

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